MP3: Azealia Banks – Chi Chi

MP3: Azealia Banks – Chi Chi: 

Azealia Banks, simply free a brand new song, titled “Chi Chi,” Azealia, United Nations agency has magnificently feuded with wife Palin on Twitter and attacked Zayn leader with racial slurs in might 2016, continues to be illegal from mistreatment the platform. That didn’t stop her from making an attempt to make profiles to push “Chi Chi.” “We’re back, rather than @xocheapy we’re properly @cheapyxo on twitter ! If they delete this one too it’s a conspiracy def!” she wrote on Instagram. (The profile continues to be active, tho’ it isn’t verified.) Anyway, fans ar enamored the new song. “NEVER sleep on my woman, Azealia Banks. whether or not you wish her or not, her talent is simple,” one tweeted.


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