House to Home again?

House to Home again?

House to Home again?







House to Home again?

The recently concluded GTB Food Fair was not only successful but was well planned and the turnout was massive. Being their second, we could see that they had improved in every area with beautiful display of colours.

There were different food vendors and the aroma of the different scents from every stand activated the hunger pangs in everyone. True to the GTB spirit, cold water was served to all those that attended this free event.

The lounge this year was styled by an interior design company  ‘HOUSE TO HOME’. They designed, styled and supplied the furniture used. After enquiries, we found out that the inspiration was to create a VIP Lounge that would have different elegantly styled ‘hubs’ to represent the very essence of the Fair itself- Encouraging Small/Medium Enterprises to grow and providing a platform and medium on which their business can thrive.

The lounge was not just comfortable and practical, each hub was designed as a cozy and welcoming haven that made everyone there feel real good and relaxed.

If you missed the GTB Food Fair this year, don’t miss the next one.

You know GTB no dey fall hand!

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